Saturday, June 16, 2007

Now That Anyone Can Marry Almost Anybody . . .

The Ceeb
Incriminating statements made to police by the wife of a B.C. man convicted of murder should not have been admitted at his trial, Canada's top court said Friday in upholding a B.C. court's ruling.[...]
The conviction was based on statements by Couture's wife that he confessed to killing the women before having sex with their dead bodies and burying them.[...]
Said the Court:
"Reliability alone cannot overcome the rule because spousal incompetency is not based on any concern about the reliability of a spouse’s testimony," the ruling said. "The evidence is excluded, not because it lacks probative value but, rather, on policy grounds based on broader social interests."
Now, not for me to judge anyone's spouses competency.
But this definitely would seem to make marriage a new option for suspect / witness relations.

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