Sunday, June 10, 2007

NDB on Celebrity Entitlements

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Belinda “Paris” Stronach pulls a Bono. (No need to link, it’s everywhere)
Why is it that from the billionaires from thre Kennedy’s to the Stomach’s want to play fast and loose with tax money paid by the middle class?
Stronach can’t become a Cabinet Minister in the foreseeable future so she has bailed out of Parliament, ostensibly because she wants to spend “more time with her kids.” Did she have more time as Minister of Important Files than she does in opposition? Now she wants to save Africa with our money:
Maybe she wants to buy and be the lead singer for a rock and roll band. Maybe she'll end up competing on "Rock Star"
If she cared about what is going on in Africa why doesn’t she try and resuscitate the good name of Monsanto that the Greenies have smeared? Monsanto makes DDT which kills mosquitoes, the biggest cause of spreading of malaria and a bigger killer in Africa than AIDS. The Greenies managed to convince everyone that DDT was a killer, but that is yet another lack of consensus issue amongst scientists. It is doubtful DDT is a problem , it’s for sure that malaria is a problem
As a business person Belinda could perhaps do some “pro bono” work to have Monsanto supply low cost “Costco” prices of DDT for Africa. Why doesn’t she tackle the problem from her core competency instead of from the Canadian middle class wallet?
Speaking of core competency, she knows Clinton, right? Surely they could make some inroads together on this file.

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