Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Poor, Poor Temporary House of Commons Workers

Liberal MP Marlene Jennings called the situation "inexcusable," adding "how can we as legislators allow employees of the House of Commons to be forced on to social assistance?"
-- Well, Marlene, maybe because the Liberal government looted the EI treasury and toughened up the regulations so almost no one (outside of Newfie fisherman) qualify.
The Post reports on this...
"We've actually found a few of our former members that are currently on welfare, social assistance, right now because they didn't work enough hours to even qualify for EI," said Mr. Cashman. He said the union identified two members on welfare last summer and others in previous years.
So - 2 lazy saps out of 150 workers - 1.5% of the group - go on welfare and this is a story?
This in a place where unemployment is 4.7% and these two can't find a job? Or just won't take a menial job that pays less than their normal $13.80 an hour?

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