Thursday, June 28, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Abbreviated June 28

I started to live blog Duff this evening, but gave up when I saw there was nothing to write about.
Duff's ongoing terms of reference was to credit Phil Fontaine for the progress in land claims settlements.
Jim Prentice, he did not mention.
Phil Fontaine has been a toady of the Liberals since he succeeded the coon cums and starblankets of the past.
He just happened to be in the job at the time.
No progress during his long reign was seen until the CPC assumed government and they got a Minister of IANA that knew what he was doing.
Thanks to Brian Laghi for confirming that it was Jim Prentice to thank for this, not Phil Fontaine.

I thought it fascinating that Martha Hall Findlay was anxious to bring Paul Martin's Indian solution, just pay them off three days before an election call, was the answer. She is a true Liberal, brown to the core.

My CBL colleagues today dealt well with this issue today:
and I did one a while back, here.

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