Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Evening Citrons Bleu Report June 19

Revised title to honour Stephane Dion's Hinglish Lessons.

I'm back to light upon the pasty-faced old white guys for one more attempt to find something interesting to blog about.
For two months the brawdcasts have been as dreery as a January day in Nunavut, except for the mid-day moon, starving dogs and poverty.
Duff - Flaherty wants equal share of pie, the Cadfather, John Crosbie, Bill (who is not gay) Graham resigns.

There has been suspicion that Bob Rae wasn't too glad about maybe waiting until Fall 09 to run as an MP in Toronto Centre. Thoughts that he might wish to step down to move on with his life.
Now this tip from Duffy.
Once more, Grits do something to help their friends. Ohhhh to be a Liberal. Just for one day. (Cause I couldn't stand to lose more than one night's sleep.
No word from the other candidate in Toronto Centre, Mark Warner. Rumour is that he's been canvassing hard since February. He's a very solid candidate - world respected trade lawyer, active community volunteer, attended World's AIDS Conference.

Roddy Macdonald whining on Newman about wanting more money. He and The Newfus Doofus really want to be Grit MPs in the old days - double dip - collect pensions and get appointed to a UN Committee in Geneva. I am embarrassed to be a Maritimer and feel disgraced. They want to keep their jobs and continue to collect welfare.

Duff covers graduation ceremony for Al Qaeda suicide bombers (He didn't get his honourary degree there) - notes no-fly list - do they need to be put on the list? Doh. I hope CSIS will carefully program the faces into facial recognition systems. NDP Old Cromartin, is NOT worried about this happening. Says he's more worried about home-grown... Terrorists or Pot, Joe?

Steffi Dion says he's ready to wear pantaloons to win, and that there should be right away a by-election. Assumption that Bob Rae will win - Steffi says he'd like to have someone else in the House to stab him in the back other than Iggy. Says that Harper underminding his himage. Seems he's doing pretty good on his own. Want to know the music of the language so taking Hinglish lessons. Says Mr. 'Arper would be much better dan me to be announcer for Fox Nedwork. Predicts he will win all the debates. Mr. Arper beetwayed the people and some other stuff I couldn't understand. Twust will be key. Says he never broke his word (let's fact check this one - how about on the Fiscal Imbalance?? He stared out okay then became unintelligible again.
Get THIS - it's rich - he will clean up the mess that Mister 'Arper is leaving behind....
Real RICH - think of the 'Arper mess - Afstan Prisoners (LIBERAL MISTAKE), Softwood Lumber (LIBERAL FIASCO), Income TRUST (LIBERAL CHARLIE FOXTROT), Atlantic Accord (MARTIN DISASTER), RCMP Corruption (CHRETIEN"S BUDDY and GANG), KYOTO (Dion Flop).
He should - he was a key Cab Min when it all happened.

Reminds me of the old Newfie joke about how Joey Smallwood should marry Newfoundland...
Newman brings up Liberal promises broken. Will remove the cap and reput in place Da Atlantic Accord.

Various tributes to Bill Graham.
Van Loan says that won't be in a rush to call a by-election - way too many (and none are Tory seats).

Rick Anderson has a great line, "It's not as if there's enough room for a party on the left, it's whether there's room for three!!"
Newman wonders if NDP hasn't run out of gas - 46 years of doctrinaire socialist clap trap and vote splitting. Have a 17% ceiling and maybe a 10% floor. The consensus is that the NDP are in trouble. Newman brings forward the 3 party split of the left. LeDrew gives Ellie May way too much credit.

Newman says good bye to the panel until the fall. Looks like prorogue tomorrow.

Was glad I tuned in tonight. Got to throw a right jab or two at Steffi in real time.

Will give the old farts a 7/10 for finishing their season with a decent show.

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