Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Suzuki Shaken by Foundation Audits

David Suzuki is Canada's most outspoken environmentalist, and regularly lambastes those, such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whom he deems insufficiently green.
But he's worried that shooting from the lips too often about federal politicians may have made his namesake environmental charity, the David Suzuki Foundation, the target of vindictive federal tax auditors.

He blames a blog for causing this.
Mr. Suzuki is not without his critics. He and his group have been targeted on the right-leaning Civitatensis blog, where readers are urged to ask the government to review the foundation's charitable status.

But here's the fact that makes even THIS criticism of the government partisan:
But in an interview yesterday after a news conference on Parliament Hill, Mr. Suzuki said the foundation has been audited three times.

Hmmm. The CPC has only been in office for a year. Under which government were the audits conducted?

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