Friday, June 29, 2007

Lemon: Fontaine Futile Leader

Yesterday we posted on Duffy wrongly giving credit to head of the First Nations, Phil Fontaine, for progress in Native land claims.
We described Fontaine as a Liberal toady who had done nothing to improve the plight of Canadian aboriginals during his time in office except he happens to be in office at this time.
He did establish today's "Day of Action" and today the 401 and the Via / CN Rail line is shut down by the OPP and native terrorists. Fontaine said that he wanted the protests to be peaceful.
Meanwhile, criminal fugitive Shawn Brant announces that his band of terrorists have guns and know how to use them. It seems that he is prepared to be a martyr for his violent cause.

Will Fontaine be a martyr for his peaceful cause?
Will he go to the barricades and demand that Brant and his terrorists surrender their arms, and move off the public travel ways?
Will he confront this criminal and put his life on the line to defend his cause?
Of course not, he's just another well-paid indian bureaucrat who likes the perqs but not the responsibilities.

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