Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just Another Dead Gangsta

Below are a series of links that track the history of reportage on this sad story
Media critics knew the story would turn out this way. The poor dead boy was reflected as "the brightest star" as a prince, as well liked, friendly and with a promising future. Now that he's only a memory his good is not interred with his bones, it's dismissed and his evil lives after him.
The script is pre-written: "We made you, we can destroy you..."
Hands are being wrung feverishly as blame is being tossed around at the school system.
I know the Jane Finch community very well. I know the struggle that Moms have, under great duress , to try and keep their kids away from the influence of gangs. And the great majority are extremely successful at producing fantastic citizens who then are always seen by others in the light of the gangstas.
Local governments piss and moan about Federal Gun Laws.
Where should fingers be pointed?
Indeed, at a system. If fingers are to be pointed, point them at the Mayor and Council of the City of Toronto and at the Provincial government that have decided to warehouse poor immigrant families in gang factories. Underserve the communities and don't provide positive outlets or opportunities. Let poor kids without hope only be given the opportunity to hang around other poor kids without hope.
It is our local system that is at fault here. Miller and McGuinty are responsible for housing and education. They are the ones that are warehousing poor kids in neighbourhoods where the dream is to flash around wads of cash.
Would anyone who might read this deny the benefits for our city of spending the money needed to provide housing that is clean and safe and provides an expectation of hope? (Don't point to the 'new' Regent Park- this is replicating the existing disaster.)
We should also point our fingers at poverty activists who march on Rosedale demanding more high density, no income housing that are the kilns that harden kids.
Will the Jordan Manners story change things. No.
Homicides are up almost 25% over last year, and Miller and his minions are saying they've turned the corner on gun crimes...

The Star:
Hours before Manners was shot he had told Miles the world would be better off without police. One week before that, the same teacher recalled Manners flashing a wad of bills in class – one of many that earned him the nickname "Stackz."

So much for "The Brightest Star":Jordan's aunt, Louisa Manners, gave the eulogy and talked about the boy's favourite basketball player, Michael Jordan, who wore number 23 — the date of Jordan's death.They were both stars in their own right, she said, adding: "Our star is now the brightest in the sky."

(Note: Michael Jordan, however, born to a poor family with an alcoholic father who was murdered somehow grew up as a very bright star.)

A heartbreaking sendoff for the 'Prince of Shoreham': The gifted child had his art, his theatricals, his poems, his love for nature, his passion for basketball; he planted trees in the ravine behind his school and built birdcages that still hang in those boughs. He oozed self-confidence, a youth going places, didn't matter where he'd started out.

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