Friday, June 29, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff June 29

Duff on Day of Action, Newfie Separation
HQ of Shawn Brant - Are Rosemary Thompson of CTV and Rosemary Barton of CBC the same person? Both in Deseronto and both wearing red. So confusing that the dude on CBC Newsworld early referred to his own CBC reporter as Rosemary Thompson. Ooops.
Question as they air film of 'warriors' in camo and face masks. If they have all that surplus energy to push buses across tracks and pull trees down, why can't they get up the energy to go to college and get a job?
No one in the media refers to Brant et al as terrorists. I guess this proves terrorism works.
Duff still wants to give credit to Fontaine - who wants more education funding when no indian has ever had to pay for a university education in Canada and no white person has ever had his or hers fully paid for by the FedGov.

Long media conference with the real hero for Canadian aboriginals, Jim Prentice. He still not to get any credit.

Duff with Shawn Brant - Duff knows where this fugitive is, why doesn't the OPP?
Doesn't mention that Brant has absolutely no official role within the First Nations nor his local band. He is an outlaw terrorist from the USA. He should be in jail. He says he ready to go, are the OPP ready to take him?

Duff speaks to more Indian representatives who speak for no one but themselves. The U of T prof calls for more healing circles and smoking of sweetgrass. The TV star appreciates being on TV again. So far the panel is kinda like the Gilligan's Island crew - The Professor, the TV star and all the rest.
Hooray - Patrick Brazault from Aboriginal Peoples Congress - whatever that is - calls for end of the Indian Act... FINALLY an indian wants to get rid of this patronizing and racist legislation.
I get it - three apples (who Duff calls role models) speak for the poor people in northern communities.

Big Julie speaks over pictures of masked "warriors" burning tires - where's David Suzuki - I thought he loved the native savage, live clean on the land sorta thing?

Duff shows Layton and Dion - says he can't deliver Kelowna Accord until he's PM. Fact is he sure could...

Helena Gorgeous, Alexa McDuhna and Ruby Dulla. The Pin Ups.
Duff says that the Grits carry the blame and Dion is stretching when he says that it's CPC fault. Dulla blames the CPC in response to Duff's comment that it's Grit fault. She has some great points on the things that the Grits never did. Duff responds that Grits are sanctimonious in trying to lay blame on anyone else. Go Duff Go (although Newman woulda been more vicious).
Helena Gorgeous blows up Ruby real good.

Can't wait for Duff to deal with Newfie separation - as far as I'm concerned, they can leave tomorrow. I'll just buy my fish somewhere else. Oh. What's that? They don't have any fish?? Oh, well I'll just buy my oil somewhere else. What's that? They're almost out of oil?? Darn.

Timmy and Scottie - last chance for a naked oil wrestling match.
On Jeff Simpson, the reserves are too small to survive. Newfie at MUN wants to separate, Cape Breton wants to separate.
Scott goes on about dignity - what the hell would Scott Reid know about dignity?
Scott goes to the Kelowna thing, Tim slaps him with the "you guys put no money in it and let the aboriginals down."

Tha tha tha tha that's all folks for another political season.
Nice way to finish... Indians on the warpath, Newfies and Cape Bretoners on the separation path, and Dion in the wiener line at a BBQ near you.

Today, out of sheer kindness, since it's the end of the season and to do my part to help reconcile the divide between us and the Indians - 6/10

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