Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lemon: McGuinty Government Ignores Solutions to School Violence

I always put the CBC under scrutiny if for no other reason than I can, because it is a public institution and I hold it to higher standards than private broadcasters. And I have ripped it for obvious cases of bias.
Every now and again, though never in words of support for the conservative movement, they come up with a story that hits home and presents a point of view that needs to be heard.
This morning on The Current, Tremonti interviewed Bruce Miles, a teacher at C.W. Jeffries school where Jordan Manners was murdered a few weeks ago. We wrote last Saturday about how this boy's death was treated by the media.
Since, the City and Province have reacted vehemently - in their usual manner by announcing a whole series of programs so that "this will never happen again" and "he will not have died in vain". Nonsense.
Mr. Miles revealed today that he is still in shock from Jordan's death. He was a boy whom he knew well, whom he genuinely liked, and whose death was entirely preventable.
He described the school system as a blackboard jungle. How rudeness and even assault behaviour against teachers has become the norm. How the position of respect that teachers in society once had no longer exists. He explained how assaults are never reported to the police and the system does not allow any level of discipline to be applied against wayward kids, apparently in the interest of better "safe school" statistics.
Acts of Crime are Being Covered Up in Our Schools On the Altar of Political Correctness.
He also offered his opinion about the Panel on Safe Schools formed by the Toronto District School Board and headed by Julian Falconer. (paraphrased): "They want to have a few meetings over a few weeks and announce that a solution to school violence has been developed. And nothing will be accomplished."
Mr. Miles also described how he ran a program that worked with students to use their "good conscience" to live happy lives and develop confidence. To see themselves as leaders in their groups. And this was working great but isn't seen by the system as something worthwhile.
Kudo's to Mr. Miles for doing his part to restore respect for the teaching profession.
Brickbats to Ontario Education Minister Kathleen Wynne who, when asked to respond, said that it was all the fault of Mike Harris. "We've only been in office three and a half years!" Hopefully, she'll only have five months left to continue her futility.

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