Friday, June 29, 2007

Lemon: Time to Govern Truckers

Every day I drive the 427 and every day I wonder what is flowing through the veins of many of the truckers that pass me when I'm going 120 kph plus.
This week the 401 has been closed three times due to tractor trailer rollovers. And I watch in wonder and awe as I see jalopy-condition dump trucks and garbage trucks weave in and out of traffic going at least 130 kph.
This report was released in the USA yesterday:
This is over 40,000 wrecks involving tractor trailers a year. Some of the types of accidents in decreasing order of frequency were leaving the lane/running off the road, side swipes, roll over's, and head on collisions, among other types.
It is only a matter of time until we have another major crash that kills a dozen or more people.

I know that George Carlin said that there are only two types of drivers - those going slower than you (effin idiots) and those going faster (effin maniacs).
But large trucks need to have a governor on their engines that limit their speed to the speed limit.

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