Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lemon: Williams the Newfie Liar

Driving home this aft, the mayor of St. Johns was on Adler. He went on and on about Stephen Harper lying to Newfoundlanders.
But of course, PMSH isn't but the mayor's beloved Premier is. I posted on his lies, I think, yesterday.
Meanwhile I got an email from a loyal Newfoundlander that I'm posting (and editting for self protection).
Danny, Global Oil does not behave like a monopoly cable system. You got rich by working over bureaucrats for your cable system. Oil isn’t like that, oil resources are global and quality human resources in the oil business are as scarce as the oil itself and they can move, which they’ve now done, away from St John’s, thanks to your intimidating bargaining tactics.
Danny, you can try to deflect your incompetence on Ottawa and Harper but the fact is, the Atlantic Accord is still intact. You were given another option which is richer. You are not obliged to take the new option; you can keep the old option. It’s your choice. But now, what you’ve done with your attempt to obfuscate your own incompetence is to make everyone in Ontario realize that the Federal largess raises the per capita revenues above that of the “have-province” Ontario, the very taxpayers who are underwriting the Atlantic Accord program. This new awareness could very well end the days of compassionate equalization that have made our Confederation work.
Following is the editted part (note I will delete comments that might be speculative or misconstrued. But I assure you, when the story is released, it will be dynamite):
Danny, I know that there are strong rumors around the country that news is about to pop ...
You didn't read this here first...

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