Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lemon: McGuinty Again Uses Death of Youth to Get Attention

We're getting close to a provincial election, so at every opportunity Dalton McGuinty is looking to get attention. He has presided over the worst criminality in Ontario history but continues to ask for more banning of something that's been banned for seventy years.
“We have an important opportunity at this period of our history to have a decidedly different gun culture here in Canada than we do south of the border,” McGuinty added.
The problem with this flawed logic is that, as usual, he passed blame on to the evil neighbour to the south.
But there, the states that are seeing the greatest reductions in gun crime, are those in which concealed handguns are legal!
Like Florida for example.
Maybe we should be emulating the US, not trying to be different.

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