Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lemon: Conrad Black Comment

I first encountered this bigger than life 'aristocrat' when I read Peter C. Newman's The Canadian Establishment.
Learned of how he became heir to Bud McDougall's fortune. Never heard that this acquisition from Bud's widow has been questioned.
Knew about his bleeding of the Dominion Store pension fund - it became a model that even the Liberal government of Canada used.
In the TV snippets I have seen, he appears to me as a contemporary version of the great English kings - a huge head, imposing mien, firm jaw.
I do have a one degree of separation that revealed a lot about Conrad.
When I was in Calgary over 20 years ago, my girlfriend was receptionist at an energy company that Conrad owned. Unfortunately her brother stopped in for a minute, dressed in his construction attire, to drop something off to his sister on a day when Conrad was in the office.
Conrad had her fired that day without severence.
That speaks volumes about Mr. Black.

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