Monday, March 05, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 5

Rosemary Thompson sitting in for Duff. Not a good start...
Susan Bonner in for Newman. Worse start... Suppose the old farts are out having beers??
Bank Fees!! Flaherty starts out of the gate on both shows promises to save voters $1.50 a day. That and the GST cut buys my coffee.
Wascylisa-Leis and Redman both seem to say it's a great idea, and Judy trys to take credit. Wonder if the NDP wants to collect all the Bank Fees to pay Rob't Maclelland to shut him up.
Story goes on far too long. My God, it's a buck and a half, people . . .
Redman takes opening from Rosie to punch Flaherty in his income trusts and Judy WL beats up Gord Nixon for making gazillion as CEO of Royal Bank.
Assinine lead story, making a mountain out of a mote (look it up) - we're 11 minutes into the show. I'm dying here. CTV has an incredibly irritating fiddle ad about Nfld which is way less irritating than the Ceeb continuing the ATM debate with Paul Dewar and John Mackay.
NEXT BIG NEWS!!! On Duff, Rosie announces that Big City Mayors want money. David Miller is on. Am gonna write a chapter of my book until it's over. God, Miller is a goof, an absolute doofus. The "if only" Mayor.
Thankfully, Bonner is on to Air India over at NW. I am studying my walls, looking at places that I have to touch up and wondering if I can match the paint. Terry Milewski, finally out of JJC exile all these years later, can't even make this interesting. (Spanish Olive Green I think with Taupe moldings).
Chantal Hebert is coming up on CTV - CBC has lost me am gonna watch ads on CTV. Glad to see that our major Media ain't about to give up the Anti Global Warming SUV advertising, nor stop encouraging our parents from taking out CHIPS and spending our collective inheritances.
Hebert well describes separation between Feds and Pros and Harper's plan to respect this and win Quebec by doing it. Also importance of Going Green to Quebec and Cities. Wow, poll reveals Beauclair as a loser and value to Harper. (How come PMSH gets all the credit when all we minions in the ridings get none...) Says Mario Dumont to act as weathervane for Harper depending on his level of support. Chantal says Quebecers like Dion on environment but he's flunking on unity. Says signs that Harper and Quebec is not a one nite stand.
Miller takes his boringness self onto CBC. Asks for money. Bonner asks tougher question, Miller's collar looks tight. Blahblahblah. Switch.
Bernie Lord and Gerry Kennedy on CTV. Am gonna snooze until something interesting is said and done here. Maybe Rose doing a slow strip tease. Ah. No. How about Duff doing a slow. . . don't wanna go there. Switch.
Switch... Switch... Rosey points out to Joy McPhail how much the Tories have spent pre-election - maybe $100 million she says. That's tip money for the Liberals. Eco-this. Eco-that. Eco-blah. Eeeeeek.
Lord needs an image advisor. Bad hair. Gerry K. Blah. Blah. Switch. Charmin toilet paper ad. Have never seen product ever placed better. Kennedy talks about Tories "buying their good will". As a Liberal he would know and he outshouts Bernie and doesnt give Joy a chance to
Ceeb with Backroom (although I don't think any of these saps are ever allowed within a block of a realbackroom). Talk about Bank Fees. Again. Much doodoo about nothing. John Duffy not asked about his lobbying for a hazardous material company. Says that consensus on bank fees is proof that an election not necessary. Can't wait til the show ends.
How many Corner Gas ads can one person endure.
Press Gallery on Duff. Reports that Dion cancelled meeting at industrial park - blames Tories. Fife says "Liberals Scared Stiff!!" Good to know that the Libs can still get stiff. Suggestion that Libs will abstain on Budget vote. Fife says the Libs will jump thru hoops to avoid election and suggests some of the prospect leaders want Dion to get big whoop ass. This is a no Garth zone, but Fife did make fun of him.
Finish with Bank Fees. Enough.
It's over. for Monday. Finally.

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