Friday, March 30, 2007

Unionized Childcare Advocate Given CBC Airtime

Pre-1973 levels of Childcare with CPC "cuts", says Unionized Childcare advocate on the Ceeb.
Host asks (rhetorically) what about $100/mo allowance and tax cuts? Of course, the response of the government controlled early education advocate related this to the cost of providing a spot in downtown Toronto. And emphasized how excited they were under the Liberal plan (from when they were offering anything to everybody to get their vote) to be getting 10,000 spots.
Ceeb again allows one side (theirs) to offer the public their propaganda.
Have they ever, even once, offered the same opportunity to home care supporters?
Do they understand that providing daycare spaces is the sole responsibility of the Provincial governments and that Dalton McGuinty can IMMEDIATELY provide these?

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