Monday, March 05, 2007

Green is Good, but GREED is Better!

Charles Adler writes a nice, but somehow unfufilling, piece at the above link with a nice little remembrance of Gord Gekko and Wall Street.
To expand on Charles' work, I'd comment that Greed ain't only GOOD, or BETTER, but it is EVERYTHING!
With the exception of guilt and sexual fulfillment, the only motivation in the world is greed.
Every man and womanjack in the world acts in their own best interest every moment of their lives. Sure enough some of that required self-slaking involves doing something harmful to themselves, but that is usually a factor of chemical addiction or psychological affliction.
But, ladies and gentlemen, and even you liberals and socialists, we all (members of humanity) only do things because we are greedy. We want more money, bigger homes, more women/men, more children, more righteousness, more respect, more mojo, more control over the lives and actions of others, more (did I mention women?).
The last true altruist was crucified and even He requested our immortal souls.
Face it, we are all greedy to an absolute perfect fault. It it is the only thing that makes the world go around.

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