Friday, March 30, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 30

This may be the last Newman Duff Report until after the Easter Break. It's not as much fun without the old farts with extended bullshit antennae. Will see how it goes.
Potential Blockbuster Hint of a Story at the End
Duff - Dion national tour trying to break through a recognition barrier. Will Clean Air Act result in election? New Ads, New Pool. Ablonczy, McDonough and Ruby Dee - Angus Reid survey - Best PM 41% Harper, 17% SD. RUby says just wait til Canadians get to know him. I can't wait . . .
Alexa says Jack L had an outstanding municipal record - what planet was she on? Not planet Toronto. He was a complete disaster. WHOA - Ruby says that the CPC has set environment 10 years back - what? - she means back when the Grits were doing Sweet F A?
Now Dion says HE WILL fight back again the evil bully.
Newman - Clean Air Act going back to Commons. Ralphie Hedgehog. Paul Dewar. Bill will likely go late on order paper. End result is Opposition were playing silly buggers - using committee process to create a trap for PMSH.
Newman 0n Iran Hostages - Didn't something like this happen back in 1979 when another country had a weakass lame duck leader?... Tony Blair's walking like he's got a stick somewhere dark. Did Pete Mackay and James Moore wear the same shirt today? Moore and Jason Kenny must have the same barber. Why are Alberta CPCs so bloody 60ish buttoned-down. I mean they all look like collageus of Darin's from Bewitched.
Bobblehead Cullen says that there will be no provision to reduce layoffs in areas greatly affected by the bill. Goodbye Hamilton. Goodbye anywhere in Alberta. Goodbye Sudbury. Then we hear that it allows certain areas to be designated for exclusion (but they can be politically chosen).
Newman's Press Pundits - Not C-30 Clean Air Act. Again. What more can be said? Layton cuts a cake on TV (sure it was made with fair trade sugar). Layton TAKES the effin cake. Bairdo says he has real problems with revised bill.
Duff does Angus Reid Poll - 39/22 for CPC.
Canada not on right track? - falacious question - the NO vote can include those who are worried about the Kyoto effect effect on the economy and those concerned that it won't pass. So encompasses both sides of many similar issues.
Newman on Harper on Williams - Newfie polis keep lying and shouting. Travers blames Williams for problems.
Doesn't Scott Reid look like a moonie or something?
Norquay spanks Scott Reid when he tries to blame the Tories for covering up the RCMP scandal during Grit years in office. Norquay slaps him across the head - actually causes an echo - "It was during your watch, Scott" and "That's beneath contempt!" when Popcorn Reid accuses the CPC of hiding something. Frankly - I'm stunned. I mean Reid is an expert at obfuscation, but this is beyond the pale.
Newman with Pundits again on RCMP - no one has been held accountable.
Fife reveals that Zachardelli was a buddy of Chretien's not the CPC's and surprised that Scott Reid accused the Tories. Weston connects RCMP scandal to Adscam - that both were explained by Liberal supported RCMP leadership as "admnistrative issues". Then connected this to the politically charged raiding of BDC President Beaudoin's house. This is where this thing could go!!! Were the Grits directing RCMP to perform political tasks or tasks in a political way?
- Beaudoin who called a bad loan on a friend of Chretien's (on a property that Chretien may have had a financial interest in) had lis life ruined with an RCMP investigation
-- JC (either Chretien or his 'adopted' son Jean Carle - who subsequently took over the BDC) directed the RCMP to spray protesters at the APEC conference because there were taking to task dictator friends of Chretiens.
-- The lack of any substantive investigation by the RCMP of the HepC scandal that could have apportioned blame on key Liberals.
-- Very limited series of charges on Liberal sponsorship scandal.
I suspect with a little thought I can come up with others.
Was Scott Reid trying to push blame to the Tories as a smokescreen to try and make the independent RCMP investigation look political, to discourage any findings that might go to the heart of the Liberal influence trading.
Good ending to what started as a dreary program.

Catchay soon.

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