Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A View of Our Socialist Toronto Future

Here in Toronto it is well known that the current City Council (which is 2/3 NDP) thinks that cars are a scourge. And considerably more than half the people who vote in civic elections agree (why needs to be the subject of another battle in another year).
The past ten days have revealed what our transportation future looks like under socialist rule. Gas yesterday was $1.02/l, when a few weeks ago it was $0.82. A shortage of gas as a result of the perfect storm of a fire at a refinery, heavy snowstorms and a CN Rail strike meant that there was a shortage of auto fuel in Toronto.
In other words, for city socialists, it was nirvana - drivers were severely inconvenienced.
Today the Gardiner expressway was closed due to ice (ain't global warming great) and a tragic accident, so traffic was rerouted onto Lakeshore and then onto the Queensway, King St. (which was also closed in a section), Queen St. and even Dundas. It was bumper to bumper going west all the way to Kipling. A twenty minute trip took over an hour.
Miller's Minion's proposals are designed to make this scenario permanent. They want to raise taxes on gasoline, charge congestion taxes downtown, and close two lanes to cars on all major thoroughfares for dedicated streetcar lanes. This without providing mass transit that will actually move people around the GTA.
Get used to this morning, people, coz when David Miller continues to get his way, this will become the future state of transportation in Toronto.

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