Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman and Duff - March 20

Back after a week sunbathing with Newman and Duffy on the French Riviera...
Both led with "the fallout" from the federal budget (do they share caption writers?)

Learned from Duff that at least one Liberal is gonna support the budget- will see how tough Steffi really is on this one, because it's a confidence motion, the Libs are opposing and a vote for it is a vote against Dion.
Newman reveals Charest wasted no time touting the new transfer to his credit. He will lower taxes - quick - cancel the cheque, Steve. If they don't need the money why give it to them?? Ohhhh, It's about the Election, Stupid.
Duff leads off with Ralphie Hedgehog and Libby who whined about not getting any more money for their provinces but dont make note that they dont need any more money (especially Sask which is bleeding people and have a lower need for services funding every day at the same time that resource revs are revving and before you write nasty notes I'm an ex-pat Saskabusher).
Support of the NDP, Libby? Why the Hell would PMSH ever need or want the support of the feckless and generally overall useless, dickless and drying up quick dripping oil dippers??
Duff chat with les pundits Montrealais - reveals power of the budget in Quebec - clear winner supported by all three party leaders there.
John Williamson from CTPF, of course, against the higher spending and lack of big enough tax cuts - I agree - the Liberals would have promised to spend more and tax less, but they'd never get around to doing it. These CPCs are pesky - keeping promises the way they do. Damn them. Williamson praises Chretien - quick - get the crashcart. "Elithabeth, I'm comin home baby, I feel the big one comin on..." (Tribute to Redd)
Gerry Nicholls from PMSH's old posse, the NCC, criticizes budget (who else they gonna vote for??) Tasha Keirrhden young conservative writer supportive says it's a political winner - says the basis is good conservative (not libertarian) policy. Good point.
O'Connor under fire for Red Cross Afstan detainee bollocks on Newman - was a screw up but the worst thing that would happen to them is better than living in caves with Usama's pals and herds of goats, for chrissie's sake. These are our bloody enemies priase Allah (SBUH). Coderre and the NDP Peace Activist get to fire bullets without CPC response. Denis Dogood manages to squeeze in a "we support the troops". NDP Peacenik is so outright outraged that her hair is messy, so far hasn't been able to slip in a "we support the troops". Forgot, NDPers don't fix their hair - that's a capitalist thing that no self respecting socialist would ever do.
Joe Comuzzi announces on Duffy that at least he (if not a bunch of Quebecers) is supporting the government on the budget. Comuzzi blocks Duff cam - dont look for him back.
The strategists are on Duff who quotes CD Howe Institute on Provincial transfers "$190 Billion sunk in a bottomless pit of ingratitude". Good stuff, Duff.
McPhail and Bernie, both laud budget and Marie Poulin continues to look like a puffed up parakeet - says nothing except that PMSH thinks that Canadians can be bought (puhleeze, this from a Liberal?) Bernie catches Steffi on his denial that the Fiscal Imbalance existed. Para Poulin babbles about future investments in productivity (she's a waste of air time - Ralphie is more to the point and he's a blunt instrument). Ends with a mini hissy fit between Joy and Para Poulin. Para says something about how we are in the same family and can disagree and Macphail with a glint in her eye has the last word "that's ridiculous".
Got the "Wouldn't That Be Nice" ad instead of Charmin, haven't decided the significance of this yet but there's something there.
Anderson has a great point on the bucks to Quebec results in a tax cut subsidy from the rest of the provinces is in a good one. His counterpart reveals that maybe there's trouble in Quebec - Harper is probably sensing he needs to help Charest out for a bigger political win for himself by securing a federalist win.
Weston, Taber and Duff about who's voting for and who's not showing up. Duff specs that the NDP are crestfallen. Didn't know they had a crest left to fall.
Taber wraps up with comment that if he wanted support from Quebec, he'll get that.
It's a wrap.

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