Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 27

Newman was on Newsworld before schedule to talk about reaction to the QC election. Steffi said that the results will have no effect on the Federal Election. On NewsNet he said he's still waiting for an apology from PMSH.
Canadians don't want an election (which means Liberals don't want an election).
Steffi Dion, still Tinkerbelle in Neverneverland...
Duff - promises a big broadcast - picking up pieces in QC, voting on budget, promises new surprising poll.
Newman - promises analysis of results in QC, impact in Ottawa and not much else.
Polling pcts were almost exactly as indicated by polls before.
Duff Findings: Quebec wants more but no referendum. Calls for more decentralization. Both plays to CPC perspective. ADQ policies that hit home: Quebec's autonomy, a Quebec Constitution, fiscal imbalance fix, regional autonomy fund, allowance for children not attending subsidized daycare. This seems congruent with CPC policies.
Newman Findings from Michel Auger: No election for next year or so. Over time Dumont will pressure Charest to demand more autonomy. Charest safe for now.
Newman - PMSH says very encouraged by results in QC.
Question Period Repartee: The Iggy Voice of Doom "No way to hold this country together!" PMSH reminds Iggy of sponsorship program no way to hold the country together neither.
Maxie Bernier with Newman - Gets cut off by swifter ad... Open Federalism is working, lot of work to do. Maxie is boring - screw up and say something off message, just this one for me, Max.
MacCallum is on Duff, my ears are ringing and not from the bells. Painful.
Washadoshaleesalisa-leece agrees with MacCallum then slaps the Grits down for lack of action and bad action during their years.
Ablonczy, again very carefully spoken and very boring. Says nothing. Damnable media training.
MacCallum says "new stability in Quebec is good for economy. But that having been said, Stephen Harper is a racist nazi kitten eater for interfering in the Quebec election." Duff body slams MacCallum - "But the Liberals have been doing this for years!"
Marlene Jennings says that Canadians really wants its politicians to work together (but means that she wants people to stop bringing up the patronage appointment to her husband and her possible invalid citizenship.)
Back to Duff - Latest Decima Poll revealed - CPC 35% LPOC 31%
Where'd this 3% swing come from?? Maybe the bounce just unbounced.
Duceppe Secret To Be Revealed (PMSH whisper in ear)...
Reed Scowen on Newman - author of "Time to Leave" says he doesn't see anything that changes opinion that Quebecers don't consider themselves part of Canada. I think the old fart needs glasses.
Duff - it's about new ideas that gave Dumont the big edge. I wish Parakeet Poulin would get tossed from the Duff panel. She bothers me.
Duff picks up on Dion's denouncing Harper for downsizing Federal Government - that he wants to go back to days of Trudeau and Chretien. Parakeet Poulin says he was criticizing Harper for interfering in QC election. Duff chuckles at her for going off topic to go on message.
Roxie Benoit says Dion might have three different positions on this this week.
Has the NDP made a deal with Eliz May to not run a good candidate against her? NDPer Ann McGrath says she hopes not. WHich means even she believes it's possible.
Duffer picks up on nomination fix in Victoria - Para Poulin says this never happened. Duff says it was fixed!! Thank you Plonka for being able to do what every Poli Blogger dreams of!!!
Duff makes joke about Grits fixing all nominations in Alberta to get women candidates per his dumb promise.
Please, Please Duff, get rid of that Liberal birdwoman .... Between her and MacCallum I'll need to get hearing therapy.
Report that Tories about to get passing marks on Enviro stuff - would that give them another boost?
Duffs Press Panel - Weston of course in their usual knee jerk way say no election after looking at poll. Duff reveals schism between Iggy and Dion on de/centralization. Love in never really happened - three little parties in the Grits.
Outstanding Duff show tonite - Newman tended to over focus on Quebec and not get much good analysis.
Until tomorrow I remain,
Yours in Lemons

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