Thursday, March 22, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman and Duff - March 22

Duff reports that new poll shows Feds are on right track and that Steffi warns that PMSH to run on "Who's toughest on crime". Then he talks to IANA Min on water quality on reserves, says that water a lot better. Click.
Cullen, McGuinty and Warawa on 56
Grit amendments to the Clean Air Act. Boring. Click.
Duff with Rob Nicholson on law and order bill. Duff reports that Grit caucus decided to not hold up tough justice bill - this is news - THE ULTIMATE GRITFLIP. Election issue here? No hint from MinJus.
Newman is onto ON budget. Amazing, they have managed to balance the budget. What a surprise.
Duff, Murphy and Cromartin on crime bill: chat about crime triggering an election (some poetry there).
Sask Budget - even less interesting than Ontario's except they are not balancing their budget. Sure that this has nothing to do with union issues.
Joe Comuzzi on Duff appears as Independant MP for latest time. "Some people are less than thrilled to Mr Dion's style of management", Duff says. Joe says: "to be very kind, he could kind of live a little differently". Dude looks like Tony Bennett.
Mark Holand wants Stock Day to step down because a sitting MP was paid to relinquish his seat.
Holland should step down for partisan stupidity and being ugly. This story was old news 5 years ago. Why was it political interference when the NDP brought up Grit Income Trust leaks with the RCMP, but not when the Grits do the same.
PMSH hair burning episode from yesterday still burning. Fact is that the Grits will Really Really say anything to try and find an issue. Iggy was leading QP today - where's Steffi? Polish prince's never go stag hunting in October (reference requested). Best part of Iggy's tyrade was when Van Loan went back in his face about Iggy supporting torture.
Kelowna Accord given final reading last night by opposition resulting in a Paulie Martin sighting.
Martha Hall Finlay is outraged again. John Reynolds tells Martha to "grow up".
PMSH on only offering permanent fiscal imbalance fix for QC federalist government. Duceppe beats him up. Is there a budget accord breakup in the works for the BQ and CPC?
Radio guys on Duff talking about QC tax cuts - Provinces can't have it both ways - Fed control of transfer spending or hands off on what transfer spending is for.
Dave Rutherford has only great line of the night, on Dion "Dead Man Walking".
It's a fishwrap.

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