Friday, March 02, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman - March 2

Delacourt said tonite on Newman that she "wondered why I go to the House of Commons." (Fine, Susie, get a cooking show.) Then accuses PCs as "surrounding themselves with victims". (No mention of Iggy calling them a slideshow. )

Kookie Suzuki is on Duffy.
Duff asks Suzuki if he should lose his charitable status.
The Kook says only if he's partisan.
He denied that he preached don't vote conservative in a classroom.
Does anyone have video?

Delacourt says Dion is "working for the long term". Does she really think that Dion HAS a long term?

Alghabra demands to know who is being accused as an extremist who supports the legalization of Hamas and Hezbollah. (Omar - it's you baby - you're on the record for this.)

Weston complains about decorum in the house. (Ever go to The Keg, Greg?)

Scott Reid again looks like a raccoon. Powers reverts to Newfie accent to gain an edge (Howling winds of outrage particularly musical). Lot of talk about busts. Reid finishes with an apparently lipsticked hand puppet. (Were was that hand?)

Delacourt drops the King Lear "Sound and Fury" line. Gives Tories a pass on attack ads. Describes Libs as hostages and CPCs as confident and happy. Says Libs playing into CPCs poor leadership thing. (This tends to confirm that the ads worked if Delacourt changed her mind.) Weston admits Liberals really in trouble and that Sunday's poll will reveal that Quebecers are steadily gaining acceptance and receptiveness to Harper.

Is it just me, but does Nelly Furtado look like she's wearing a bad wig.

Craig Oliver says Dion not selling - says not being seen as a natural leader (more proof of power of attack ads).
Says Dion going left and might lose the centre.

Duff quoted Kookie to conclude that "if Canada's biggest environmentalist is believing that Harper's finally got it. . .".

It's in the air and on the air. Tension, unstated excitement. Expect an election call before the daffodils sprout.

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