Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 6

Rosie is filling in again for Duff and Sue Bonner for Newman. First was PMSHs transit announcement in Toronto on both shows. Lawrence Cannon was in studio. Along with subway to York U is a series of rapid transit in the 905 border towns. Surly Toronto Mayor sure to become even surlier as nothing for downtown. Wasn't even invited to the announcement though Dalton Doolittle was. And Dalton and the PM sure looked buddy-buddy and so did Flaherty and Greg Sorbara (ON FinMin).
Lot's of comment on both shows on how the transit routes serve Liberal MP areas - hints that this is an initiative to spend money to grab Grit seats. God, they must hate this.
Thinkaboutit - QC and ON Grit premiers in love affair with a Tory PM - Steffi must be fuming. 15 minutes and clock running on this lead story.
Rosie with House Leaders while Ceeb still on Subway. House heads quizzed on PMSH announcement - now up to 20 mins of solid pro-Tory reportage - not a discouraging word yet. Ralphie the Hedgehog takes credit for Tory announcement "was in previous Liberal Framework" (too bad they never did it...) Cromartin craps on Ralphie for announcing but not delivering.
Maureen Jennings on with Bonner on Spanky Bryant's criticism of Liberal criminal justice policy disaster. Click.
Ralphie is suffering from fake nostalgia - waxing poetic about the $12 Billion that the Grits almost spent on infrastructure. All sorts of transfer payments, all sorts of transit money. Isn't waving his arms - maybe he's wearing that new strait jacket that Duffy made as a requirement of Ralph being on show. He must have worn lots of hair gel tonite too.
Bonner on Quebec: Charest and Dumont. Charest, with Boisclair dead in the water is now tackling ADQ. Death of Boisclair: Melissa Manchester song comes to mind "Don't Cry Out Loud", Frankie Valli's "Big Girls Don't Cry..."
Party Strategists on at CTV - More on GTA Transit announcement. Grit Senator again takes credit for $ (more fake nostalgia). ROSIE HITS HOME RUN - "Why didn't the Liberals do it?" Neil Macdonald is on Ceeb talking about Libby's conviction - Osama Bin Laden and Yasser Arafat weren't available.
Rosie goes to CPC Ads - Grit senator responds that Canadians don't want this. McGrath from Dips explains how they support a minority government (small wonder it's the only time they're relevant).
Stephen LeDrew on CBC is one Steve too many. Buffoon. Click.
Press Gallery on Duff. More on Transit. Weston says shot right into Grits not shot over bow. Taber confirms that Dion needs to support budget. So does Weston. Agree that no election on this. Taber almost effusive on giving credit to Harper.
Weston criticizes Dream Team strategy. Dion disappeared into the night on national trip. Taber disagrees. Taber explains how CPC has much more $ and how Leadership siphoned out a lot of Grit cash.
Taber wonders what Dion could announce in major speech tomorrow in Ottawa. Weston sorta spun wool on what Dion could actually do or say.

All in all - a 60 minute ad for Stephen Harper's Conservative Party of Canada.

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