Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weather Forecast for 2050

The Star, on Thursday promised us a weekend of +16C temperatures.
This morning it is +1C.
Here is their forecast for 2050:
So, what are we in for? What will Toronto look like over the next 50 years?
To get an idea, cast your mind back two summers, the hottest in the city's – and the country's – recorded history.
The mercury bubbled above 30 degrees on 38 days – 25 more than average. Factoring in the humidex, it surged above 35 degrees a record 44 times. There was no relief at night – it was hotter than 20 degrees for more than three weeks.
If they can't forecast TWO DAYS in advance, why would anyone believe them 14,000 days in advance?

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