Friday, March 02, 2007

Layton is Trolling - Where did THIS come from

Got an email from Layton - but why. Trust me I didn't ask to be put on his mailing list. I've never, ever given Jack my email (oh, wait a sec, I had drinks with him and Olivia a year and half ago. Probably was my stalker that Zorph troll playing a practical joke.

Thank you for sharing your concern for Canada's performance on protecting our environment.
(Yup, Jack, I'm concerned about the environment. I'm concerned about fruitcakes like you and Olivia making Canada "a wealth free zone" like you made Toronto a "nuke free zone".
After so many years of federal inaction, everyday Canadians say the environment is their #1 priority, and New Democrats are listening. (Jeez, I'm a Canadian and the Environment ain't in my top 10 (though those do gooder eco-fearmongers that want to take all my money is.)
The NDP has a comprehensive plan to improve our environment and fight climate change. (The only thing comprehensive about the NDP, Jack, is their futility.)
Our action plan includes:
- Meeting Canada's commitments under the Kyoto protocol (Jeez, Jack ya lost me on this one, will you pick up my piece of the commitment for me?)
- Developing a national sustainability plan (Whatever TF that means.)
- Significantly increasing the responsibility of large industries to reduce emissions (and eliminate employment here to go tocountries not covered by Kyoto).
- Legislating a mandatory fuel efficiency standard that meets or exceeds leading North American jurisdictions. (You do like rules, Jack. At least the rules you like, not the ones that you don't like i.e. those that don't protect union jobs.)
- Ending subsidies to polluting industries. (How about ending subsidies to David Suzuki?)
I appreciate your efforts to register your views with me. I hope I can count on your support to make Parliament work on behalf of all Canadians. (Nope. But thanks for the note.)
All the best.
Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada's New Democrats

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