Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grits Choosing Blue

Story is out that CPC campaign managers across the country are being assailed by Grit campaigners, volunteers and even prospect candidates to exchange their red sweaters for blue.
There's a definite Norway Rat feeling around the Grits.
They're ex and im ploding.
Easy to see why, Steffi is proving to be not only unintelligible but inconsistent and incompetent.
And those three "i"s spell disaster for Canada's former natural governing party.
Meanwhile PMSH has carved out a big place in the middle, proven that he's only as scary as your boring uncle, eliminated the dumbo eruptions and shows that he knows how to run things and is going somewhere.
He's building a big tent that almost anyone can fit under.
If things go to plan:
-- The Feds will get out of the Provs business and allow them to finance and control the programs they priorize
-- The CPC will become the party of the philosophically middle 60%
-- SHPM may die in office at 80
I think the Grit party members actions are a leading indicator; they're sensing the new paradigm and want to be a part of it. The general population are likely to follow.
And moi, I think it's great. Most Liberals I know (who are most of the people I know) are great people.
They sure as hell are great campaigners and organizers.
And realistically, philosophically the difference between a CPC and LPOC member is less than a Hab and a Leaf fan. They like winners and know them when they see them.

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