Sunday, March 25, 2007

Question Period Points for March 25

Blinky Oliver's Question: "Is there any good news for Stephane Dion in the polls in Quebec?"
Jean Lapierre, former BQ and Liberal MP
(paraphrased): "I have visited 63 ridings in Quebec during this campaign and all those seats in the province that are going to the ADQ are available to Stephen Harper. . . If I were him I would pull the plug as soon as possible. . . The Liberals are unlikely to win seats outside of Montreal."
"Stephen Harper kept his word on Fiscal Imbalance and this has been noticed by Quebecers. They say he is a man of his word. He respects the separation of powers between province and fedal governments."
Ian Macdonald says that these results were obtained during 2006 election and that there is brand fatique for separatists, that they have been around for a long time and Quebecers are looking for a change.
Lowest vote for PQ since 1970 expected says LaPierre. Says Duceppe really wants to go to Quebec City.
Expects complete chaos in the separatist ranks.
Both say that devastation of separatists will make Harper a huge hero in rest of Canada.

Jean Lapierre's comments are HUGE. He has no sympathy whatsoever for the CPC, and a great deal for the BQ (was a co-founder) and LPOC. If he thinks Harper is onto winning ground in Quebec (say 30 seats) then the CPC is close to a majority even without picking up a seat anywhere else.

Gerrard Kennedy
(Dion's alleged powergiver, a candidate and chair of campaign readiness) on a boring Sunday morning panel, shows how concerned the Grits are with their position. He was at his punk best (or worst), interrupting, throwing out unbased insults, pointing and bullying while accusing the PM of being worse.

Blinky thinks Harper in great shape in QC - he has two cars in the race - lot of Charest and ADQ vote likely to go to CPC. Dion?

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