Monday, March 26, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 26

Quebec Election?? Am only going there on issues that relate to the National Scene . Could be a short post.
Newman promises Quebec, Clean Air Act, Ireland (?).
Duffy seems surprised... YOU'RE ON AIR MIKE. Tonight does not look promising.
Duff talks about smears and counter smears. Opens with Quebec election. Guest says liberal support in Quebec is usually 2-3% higher than polls.
Newman on Clean Air Act targets - Warawa, McGuinty Too and Cullen. Same old. Same old. Yawn. Click.

Duff with the whips. Redman calls Quebecers ignorant for lack of tolerance (reasonable accommodation).
Mark Holland on found documents (discovered personnel evaluations and Stock Day's nomination when a Reformer) Is Holland digging through CPC garbage? Maybe the documents were lining his cage. Amazing these Liberal sluts - who as recently as the weekend promised a pay off for someone to drop out of a nomination in BC.

Duff - Terry Kilrea Ottawa Mayor claims he was offered a position on Parole Board by John Reynolds - Reynolds denies. Gerrard Kennedy, MacPhail and Bernie Lord - MacPhail says it was hearsay. Duff accuses Grits of raising dirt. Kennedy plays drive by smear card again, again and again. Still surprised that Kennedy is given a TV panel role instead of organizing an election campaign like he's supposed to. Lord smacks Kennedy on Liberal slime ads from last campaign. Kennedy uses Harper "Turban Card" against Harper again. Get's off hook as talks through remaining time for topic. God I'd love to see him get slapped.

Newman with Backroomers. Norquay runs through budget. Duffy (chemical salesman and Grit advisor) says PMSH will get burned if there is not a positive QC result. Dick Proctor thinks Harper will get off hook.
Duff with Press Gallery - all on Quebec.

Excruciatingly boring night on Newman Duff. About as much excitement and passion as a Leaf game. Okay, less.

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