Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 28

Have to be out of here early so will likely miss the best part of the shows. I invite anyone to fill in the blanks in the comment section.
Newman - Danny Williams, Flaherty, Clean Air Act (on the other hand I might not miss anything at all...)
Newman was a flop yesterday anyway.
Duff - Danny Williams, John Reynolds on Ottawa Mayor's race, New Quebec / Dumont, New Poll
Danny is running a national campaign crapping on Harper. Does he honestly think that anyone outside of NFLD gives a flying fig ABOUT Newfoundland?? Why should we. We get our cod from Denmark anyway.
Leger Poll - 41/27 . All the polls are good (except Decima). But it's not today's poll that matters - it's the one on E-Day, so the magic comes from reading the tea leaves 60 days from now.
Dom Leblanc apologizes, says polls show a lot of volatility. Don't put a lot of stock . (What's Minister Day got to do with it). Duff says cleansing needed. Siksay says people don't want election (maybe because the Green's are looking to eat their lunch).
Kenny says Dominic whistling past the graveyard. Jason looks like hell - shave before you come on TV Jason. Oh, hairy guy. Nixonian.
Danny Williams is on Newman. Obnoxious as hell - Newman slaps him down - real deal is that he can keep the status quo if he wants. Does no good for NL. Has anything improved there since he got elected? If so I'm sure we would never hear the end of it. "My fellow Canadians" don't give a shit about NL and don't like you Danny. Give it up - you are making Newfoundland look like a province of professional platitudinous pissers and moaners. He's almost Garthonian for effs sake. If they can afford big ad campaigns maybe they don't need (or deserve) ANYTHING.
Duff says he's running scandal footage from the past week - COULD IT BE the Purloined Papers Scandal?
Flaherty on Newman on Income Trust and and Danny Williams Ads.
Flaherty spanks Danny. "He can take the Atlantic Accord and stop complaining." Fights off income trust ad accurately - that the companies can get money, borrow here or offshore (which is true - they can borrow money almost as cheaply as they can issue equity with the carrying costs.
Newman much better show tonight.
Maxi Bernier - pretty boring Minister of Industry stuff. He is one competent guy. Two anti-aging ads in a row on Newman. Suspect Don is in their target audience.
MPs on Newman - Clean Air Act - Jaffer: is a prority, but will have to look and see. Ruby Dee: Will be an election issue. Calls Harper a Denier. Says CPC will have no choice but to support amended bill. Looks like one is that the BQ arranged for QC to get special payments for being ahead of the other provs.
Just missed clip from QP - Duff says nasty. Found out Brad Lavigne had kid - iNPeePers breeding. Scary.
Don Moors of Grits -brings up Reynolds / Ottawa's Mayor's race. HOW STUPID IS THIS. Fed polis barely even notice Prov politics, much less city. Like, what could an Ottawa Mayor ever do for or against the CPC. Duff leading question - is this the Liberals getting even for the sponsorship scandal. (Duff says this was speculation, someone said - "I know John Reynolds, let's see if we can call him . . .")
Moors talks about purloined papers (Duff says they to talk about this.) Duff says it's so poisonous we have to have an election. Bill Matthews from NL called the PM a liar. Let the Newfies declare independence I say. Been there - cold, rainy and people drink a lot.
iNDeeper says we don't heckle as much as the other parties --- That's because you only got a handful of seats, Darling.
Duff on Wayne Easter and Wheat Board - 62% to get CWB out of barley - Question I have - how does this affect the BEER issue - cheaper or more expensive??
This is a great night on both shows. Gotta Go....
Lemon Out

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