Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 21

Tonight has great promise - Comuzzi fired, a buncha Libs from QC threatening to vote for budget or at least abstain or get the flu. Harper with a crack to Dion that he should care for the soldiers as much as he does for the Taliban detainees. Harper lights Steffi's hair on fire. Dion lights up. Harper sits down.
Starts off with Comuzzi getting the boot - makes Steffi look like he's firing his grandpapa.
Dom Leblanc, Siksay and Kenny chat about Comuzzi on Duff. Nothing to report here. Click.
Jaffar, Dhalla, Cullen et al on Newman talk about Harper's match work on Steffi's head. No fireworks yet. Everyone calls everyone else flipfloppers. Eeeewww that's cruel. They bad.
Don agrees that everybody said that everybody else flipflopped. Consensus achieved.
Ruby refers to her conversations with "stakeholders". You know who the stakeholders are . . . They're the ones who carry the bags for the Libs when they're in power. Cullen looks wildeyed - too much caffeine, Nathan.
Jaffar quotes PMSH on how Dion should have read the budget.
Duff talks about airport insecurity. Blah. Means longer lineups. Click.
Newman on QC election. Maxi Bernier on. He's real good, right on message, which means nothing too interesting - surprised that DN didn't have counterpart on. Don't mind, though. Real nice not to have Judy Washalashlisalees shrieking, though. Bernier throws a dagger to the bulls eye as far as 2/3 voters in QC going for federalists but how the PQ grew when Libs were in. Maxi's bloody good.
Newfoundland ad on Newman - I suffered through those GD ads at least 8 times last week on Air Canada. Where's the rock getting all their money to pay for them? Transferred funds? Makes me wonder, if they got bucks to piss away on TV ads, how can Danny Greenbacks claim to be so poor?
Duff with strategists - Reads NDP sub-amendment on budget complaining about blah, blah, blah and even Duffy calls it blah, blah, blah. Brad rails on about tax cuts in budget - now that's a winner. Did Norquay go blonde while I was away?? Or am I crazy - no need to answer.
Newman on Anti-scab legislation which is pretty heated, between CFIB guy and Cdn Labour Congress hack but this dog don't hunt.
Back to Duff - question on QC Lib MPs - Don Moors describes consensus while Geoff slams Steffi for splitting his own party.
All day long the NDP (in QP and on the shows) have been slamming the Libs. What's up?
Lemon's give your head a shake - if the Drippers don't get some Lib votes they're dead as a doornail - they HAVE to go hard at the Grits to survive.
Duff is on Anti-Scab Leg. Redux.
Travers on Newman on NDP sub-amendment on blah, blah, blah. Only the NDP voted for their own bafflegab.
Got onto the hair lighting incident. Travers lack of decorum. How about a lack of nonpartisanship. They review the history of PMSH rudeness.
Duff with his press hacks... They beat up PMSH on his hair lighting too. Fife reports that Grits will support minimum penalties on gun crime - real interesting - Steffi might support - Talk about Flippers!!
Newman brings up Kelowna Accord private members bill - wow - that passed me by - what happens if this goes through?? Would be a $5B spend...
All in all, a disappointing day. No secrets revealed, but some real ideas for soon to be written blogs.
It's a fish wrap.

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