Thursday, March 08, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman March 8

First off - an exclusive. Steffi Dion was in Toronto last nite for a real big fundraiser. He attracted hundreds of empty seats. Organizers were calling everyone who had even thought about voting liberal to fill up seats.

Tuning in a couple of minutes late.
What's infwastructure?... Dion is on (or off) We not go directly, we go other way around. Re women. Positive thing for women to make women compete. Need to win nomination (Gerrard?) last I heard he was awarded PDHP. Lots of women don't need his help?? Then why the promise? (Wow he is one confused guy.)
People working hard since a year, now continuing to work hard. something something grasswoots. Listing to Steffi is depressing. I want to play the high road. Wow, glad it's over.
Preston has blonde/red hair. Is he dying now or was he dying then?
Chief Economist of the TD (who used to be Paul Martin's flunky at Finance - is there anything political here?) wants polluters to have the greece squeezed out of them. Still think this smells fishy - banks shouldn't hire people who could be seen as conflicted.
McGuinty Too is on Duff at odds with his brother about transit money from PMSH. One McGuinty is too many.
Yawn. Empty partisan blah.
Back to Paul's Peon Pet Banker, he wants to invoke tough enviro taxes. Sue Bonner says this is political suicide. Why didn't he recommend this to Paul Martin? Charmin ad. Good work, CTV.
Ceeb repeats attact ads!! Yahoo. Free space. Doe Dion really think Canadians want to invest in the long term future instead of short term gratification as he says?? No Canadians I know. We'd run up our mother's credit card if we could.
Can't stand to listen to John MacCallum. He was PREVIOUSLY chief economist of TD Bank. Is there something going on between the TD Bank and the Liberal Party??
Rosie talks about elected House of Lords. Got that doofus George Baker, Senator (Lib) on. Waste of air. Accuses CPCs of playing politics on Senate reform. Terry Stratton seems like a nice man, but a bluenose politician will browbeat with bluster a Manitoban every time. Senate reform will affect mostly Liberals so natch it's bad.
On the Ceeb Dystra seems to have been talking since I clicked 4 minutes ago - he was awesome, minimized MacCallum's squeaks and was right on message (though had a little headlight-eyed deer look).
Martha Hall Finlay - natural question on Willowdale. She begs off except for praising Dave Peterson's brother. Effusively. Sue Bonner catches up on Steffi's promise on women- how can MHF be on both shows at the same time? Cheap tv tech tricks. Helen (Someday Half the Blue Jays Will be Women) Churley demands more vis-avis Rae and Kennedy bumping women. Boring. Bernie Lord. Boring. This "on message" stuff is great politics but shitty TV. Churley is upset for not getting equal time. She's only 4 foot 10. She doesn't DESERVE equal time.
Mini Second String Press Panel on CTV... Roger says was no news at Dion's speech at Canadian Club, is getting lost in the shuffle. Catches Steffi on his promise to take the high road - said just wait til the Grits go negative...
Brian says hes trying to form some kind of impression with the left side of the spectrum. Says Libs will swallow themself whole to avoid an election and get a chance to go back to school. Rogers says Grit's scared of election with untested leader.
Lemon is off until the budget.
If there is chronographer (is that a watch or soemone who records?) wants to fill in until then, be my guest.

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