Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 7

Have to leave soon, quick summary - Bobby Rae was on with Rosie while his Liberal opponent for the nomination was on with Sue Bonner. Bobby was pompous and self important and insisted on fighting Steffis fight for him (swinging at Harper). Looks like he's not running for the nomination (figgers it's in the bag) nor the seat (figgers it's in the bag). Looked like he's constipated.
Meanwhile his Lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that) Liberal opponent Meri Cartwright was on the Ceeb but got cut off. No equal time for the CPC candidate, nor the non-nominated iNDeePer, but since we're not having an election, I guess it doesn't matter.
Interlude while Ceeb covers a carcrash in BC and Duff sub covers the tax system crash.
Big News FINALLY - Revenue Canada went DOWN on us.
Cartwright is back ... She looks slightly stunned but has the semi -obligatory Liberal woman scarf (maybe to hide hickeys). Comment on getting women nominated, looks really stunned. Willing to accept a fair and open nomination process, as if this meets Steffi's affirmative action promise to get women to run.
Bill Siksay on CTV repeats the lie that "we" don't know what our mission is. iNDeePrs just don't effin listen (or havecollective ADD). Jason Kenney continues to lose weight - helped him get a CabMin job I bet.
Another toilet paper ad on after Rae and Cartwright were on - another case of excellent product placement.
Announcement that there is vacancy at Millhaven Spa since the security certificate terrorists were released by the SCOC . Siksay makes the assinine comment that the one remaining terrorist should be released because he's in slitary confinement... Puhleeze. Why don't they release them to Siksays house.

Gotta run - this show has great promise - maybe someone can update me in the comments.

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