Thursday, March 29, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 29

Duff - RCMP Investigation, Danny Williams' emails
"Welcome to the brawdcast..." - RCMP Investigation, Clean Air Act
Both shows start with RCMP - I don't see how this is political - now Horsemen pepper spraying students at APEC by order of JJ Chretien - that's political. Duff spanks Landslide Annie for not taking action - "Were the Liberals involved in a coverup?" Now it's political.
Duff and Danny "The Muler" Williams
(Stratton and Baker) Baker says "(Williams) won't let global moneybags treat Nfld like a third world country." Isn't Danny Williams treating Nfld like a third world country? Huge neg emailbag to Duff on Williams. Two old farts rambling on.
Good to see John Williams back on Newman - "if more is uncovered we have to follow the trail" re Grit coverup. Still amazed John could both serve in the house and write that great Star Wars music.
Twenty eight minutes in and Newman still talking about RCMP.
Duff reveals Grit speech in morning caucus: Dion "going off to win the country". Can't you just see little Steffi on a broken down nag, a cracked lance, nearsightedly attacking windmills?
Duff Strategists (McPhail, Finlay, Reynolds) - Dion in caucus - all MPs and staffers gave ripsnortin' speech. Want them to go home for break as born again Liberals. "Will know who I am and what I stand for." Calls PMSH mean spirited.
Grits trying to rush through fixed E Day, "Canadians don't want to do that," Hall Finlay (have an election - code for Grits don't want an election).
Duff - If Grits have majority in Senate - why worry about Crime bill in Commons? I've grown to like Joy McPhail - most pleasant iNDeePer that gets airtime.
Newman on Clean Air Act - Rewrite is finished and has put Dion's carbon tax plan into Bill. I don't think this will wash - PMSH would love to run on campaign on basis of huge costs today for maybe enviro-benefits a hundred years from now and Dion bad record as EnvMin. Nathan Cullen does bobblehead impression.
Newman - Income Trust - critics remind me of Cuban-Exiles - the train has long left the station, give it up. Flaherty did the right thing. Period.
Duff and Blinky Oliver - RCMP Investigation. Not an issue unless it gets tracked back to polis. Duff pushes the possibility that Anne MacLellan might get nailed on this.
Among the most boring days of punditry in memory.
Til tomorrow.

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