Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol Sucks

Okay, I promised my last ever post on American Idol a month or two ago. I lied.

I've been an Idol junky for years. Ruben. Fantasia. Carey. Taylor. All my early choices and all winners. Even went to a live show (and brought my little girl as a rationale).
Can't get off it. Tried talent show methadone equivalents to work it off (So you Think You Can Dance, Grease, Dance with the Stars) None of them worked. Tried Cold Turkey, but I always came back.

But this collection of pathetic losers has cleansed my veins of any desire to ever again self inject these two hours of misery.

Not one person on this show would have made a final 10 in any other year. Not one, from any single performance or any collection of performances. They're horrible, worse than my HS talent contests.

Simon isn't even any fun, cause it's too easy for him to find fault. He's just showing up cause he's got a big piece and it's cancellation will reduce his black tee shirt allowance.

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