Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nom de Blog: Et tu Globe and Mail ?

He's back from Europe . . .
Look out Dalton, Find a Closet to Hide in Stephane...

“The (Afghan) mission has been weakened …. manifest in the astonishing climb-down of Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, who is ignoring his party's lead role in sending Canadian troops to Kandahar in the first place” from today’s globe editorial:

So the long knives are out. Dion is finished, he’d better start packing his Hermes ties. The Sorbonne chair that Frank Stronach ( or some wealthy Liberal facilitator) will secretly give him will soon take him to Paris.

Frank will first talk to Dion’s wife and describe the new Dion apartment overlooking the Seine and Eiffel Tower. Frank will be holding some fresh croissants and describe how pleasant things will be for the Dions without the pressure of the cameras and the constant negative editorials from the Globe about what a hypocrite her husband is.

Dion will capitulate to his wife. And his true home - Paris.

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