Friday, September 14, 2007

Lemon: Belinda Receiving Care in the USA

I have written previously of my hope that Belinda survives her cancer and thrives thereafter.
And I fully support her going to the USA for treatment that will help her do this.

Her father worked very hard and well to allow her the financial wherewithal to have treatment to possibly save her life that is not available to everyone.

And in our Canada, obviously being the daughter of a billionaire and being an MP and former Cabinet Minister doesn't provide this comfort and resource for free at home in the event of the onset of our greatest individual and collective fear - cancer.

"In fact, Belinda thinks very highly of the Canadian health-care system, and uses it when needed for herself and her children, as do all Canadians. As well, her family has clearly demonstrated that support," MacEachern said.

But I guess she doesn't think about it quite highly enough.

By participating in the establishment of the Liberal healthcare policy (which has so indoctrinated Canadian consensus that PMSH has had to go along with it) she accepted that other Canadians who can't afford such treatment would die. Where is the usual Dion outrage on her bucking the Canada Health Act? On her being a participant in two tier healthcare?

I remember when Rex Murphy said that "it's a sorry state of affairs when a nation defines itself by Hockey and Healthcare". Our healthcare system is not a defining principle of Canadian-ness. It is an insurance program for which we have decided not to pay the higher premium.

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