Friday, September 21, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman - Sept 21

Stephen Taylor Reveals Newman Bias
But that being said, we're gonna blog him today anyway.

Been away all week in Chicago - little interest down there in the Great Quebec By-election Massacree nor even for melting ice in the arctic nor a rising dollar.
Not much interest in Newman's chat with Flaherty.

My fellow alumnus Al Bonner on Ontario debate. Consensus that there was no knock out punch. Al says he sees a consensus that McGuinty was flattened. Non-verbal?? All on par in hand language. McGuinty gets caught nodding agreement with Tory on criticisms. They agreed that Tory had a much better performance. Al comments on McGuinty failing to make eye contact - looks shifty. Don thinks Al is a treasure. Ask Susan to see if she agrees.

Terry Milewski on Air India. Problems with spin off of RCMP Spook Service into CSIS. Tapes not listened to. Will the Inquiry last longer than the period of time since the Air India terrorist act? No comment from either one of the chatterers.

Newman with his sycophants in the Press Gallery. Why do no Canwest Global journalists ever sit on this? Where's Ivison, Coyne and Gunter? I wonder...

Newman admits that Dion has a lot of problems. Not the least of which is that his supporters wear green hats. My old acquaintance Ray Heard - he was old when I knew him then - wants to bring PET back from the grave. Ray has been trying to sabotage Dion since the leadership race. Maybe before. Ray is a likeable guy, though.

Gerrard Two Faces, Steffi's kingmaker apologizes for Steffi. Robert Fragasso says Steffi is courageous. No Grit calls him a loser, at least not publicly. CP's Rob Russo says that it's no big deal - BQ was a bigger loser he says but Grits need to figure out what they stand for. Delacourt says Dion won't likely ever be as cuddly as Stephen Harper - wow. Says is like the Belly Grrrl Stronach moment for the Tories - that this might drive the Grits to clean up their act. Generally all the pundits agree - they say that Dion is a loser. Publicly.

I say that maybe the problem is that so many of the Grit Quebec Arm were banned from the party and that the workers were used to getting bags of cash that aren't there any more.

Weston says that CPC has done an excellent job framing Steffi as a weak leader and have taken over the middle.

Newman - everybody's playing up to Quebec. Russo says the soft fish are all in QC and are looking hard at the Tories. Russo says that Dion is a stander-upper for Provincial Rights? Bullshit. He's a federalist and Quebecers hate him for that.

Delacourt says no evidence that Rae and Iggy are doing the et tu Brute stuff - suspects that Dion supporters likely leaked the Iggy Plot to give Dion an advance excuse for failure. The only lean and hungry one in the Iggy - Bobby duo is Iggy. Bobby is possibly sicker than everyone says and may not even hang around for his by-election.

And meanwhile, in REAL news, Phil Spector has a new hairdo (maybe hoping that the jury won't be able to identify him in a line-up) and Hilary Clinton has divulged that she is not a lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I doubt that even a lonely lesbian would be desperate enough to want to do Hilly.

Disaster of a brawdcast. Bring me the head and body of Mike Duffy. He's back on Monday which might make weekdays at five at least a little interesting. Only interesting moment was Susan D's speculation that Dion's camp mighta invented the Iggy Plot. This came (in confidence) from Jean PaPierre.

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