Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MaryT: Long Winter Weekend

Both the cbc and ctv national news had stories on this tonight. However, ctv took a low road by talking about this wkend in Alberta. They had to get a slur in on Don Getty, and his son's arrest, as the reason this holiday was instituted. Never hear the media mention the problems Chretains son had with the law.
Back to topic. Before jumping on the bandwagon, check out some facts. In Alberta, businesses have made a choice, they either pay the stat pay for the Feb holiday or the Aug holiday. NOT BOTH.
For years our school year was broken up almost every week in Feb. -Reading week, teachers convention, and Family day. Finally, common sense prevailed and now these are mostly held at the same time, so the kids have a week holiday. Of course many teachers forget to go to the convention, on a thurs & fri, and take off for 5 days, usually a skiing trip.
As for getting an extra day off, forget it, unless you are a bank, professional office, post office, or govt employee.
When it was started in AB, it was just announced. Why didn't dalton do this without an election.
Many cities and small towns put on a mini July 1 celebration in Feb and many families do get out to spend the day together.
There would nothing stopping Tory from giving you this holiday if you elect his government.

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