Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lemon: Toronto Island Residents Harrass Airport Patrons

The Toronto Island Airport is one of the greatest pieces of infrastructure in the city as is the new Porter Air service to Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and soon NYC and Chicago.
It offers the following benefits to travellers to and from Toronto.
-- a 10 minute trip to the airport instead of 40
-- a $10 cabfare instead of $55
-- arrival time before flight of 20 minutes instead of 120 minutes
-- 10 minutes to get from your seat to the baggage carrel instead of 30 or more
-- Gross time to Montreal of 80 minutes instead of 150
-- Less impact on the environment both in air and ground travel
-- Lower fares
Why, the service is so great that I was told that its biggest critics (two downtown MPs) have used it.

But Toronto Islanders - squatters and their successors who received a sweet deal from fellow socialist Bob Rae when he was Premier, who killed easier access to the Islands by a bridge, who ignore laws and go out of their way to eliminate any one but themselves from using the Island, who receive the benefit of millions of dollars spent in a year round ferry service, who have their own school, and who lodge noise complaints against Harbourfront bars on days when they're not even open...
routinely harrass passengers to the airport.

They have a democratic right to protest - but no right to bother people using public roadways. A couple of weeks ago returning to town, these self-righteous squatters were out in force. At the stop light there was one fearsome well-fed thug who was slowing traffic. He came up to our window and stared in. Of course I told him that he should get his face out of our window. That of course provoked a tirade...

When we look at all the things wrong with Toronto - looking at the way these squatters are feather-bedded is a good place to start.

Did I mention that the Islanders were David Miller's first legal clients?

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