Friday, September 21, 2007

Lemon: Prime Minister's Climate Plan "Shredded"

According to the Toronto Star:
"Stephen Harper's climate-change plan was shredded by his own government's environment watchdog just as the prime minister prepared to trumpet it at a United Nations conference next week."

Now, who is the National Round Table for the Environment and Economy? Have a look at a sample that represents a majority of members:

Chair - Glen Murray
Glen Murray is former Mayor of Winnipeg, best known for his vision to build culturally dynamic urban centres. He ran for the Liberal Party in the 2006 election.
Between 1989 and 1992, he was a partner in Envirofit Inc. an innovative environmental consulting firm.

Vice-Chair - David Kerr
David Kerr, from Toronto, Ontario, is a former Vice-chair of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Vice-Chair - Robert Page
Dr. Page is known nationally and internationally for his work on energy and the environment in areas such as climate change, emissions trading, biodiversity and protected spaces, environmental impact assessment, and policy and regulation.
He is Chair of the Board of Directors of BIOCAP Canada, a national research partnership on biological carbon capture and bio-energy, and a past Chair of the Board of the International Emissions Trading Association (Geneva).

Janet L.R. Benjamin - North Vancouver, British Columbia
Janet Benjamin, from British Columbia, a senior management consultant with close to 20 years of experience and a specialty in "green" projects, is a co-founder of BC Hydro's Power Smart program. An engineer by profession, in 2003 Ms. Benjamin also co-founded H2Leader Inc., a company involved in the leasing of vehicles using hydrogen internal combustion engines.

David Chernushenko President Gold and Green Inc. Ottawa, Ontario
Mr. Chernushenko is an expert on sustainable development, clean air, and active living. As owner of Green & Gold Inc. and an associate of Arborus Consulting, he advises organizations on achieving sustainability and energy efficiency. He is Past Leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Richard Drouin
Richard Drouin is a former counsel to McCarthy Tetrault. Drouin rents working space in McCarthy Tetrault's Montreal office suite. McCarthy Tetrault was the second largest contributor to Paul Martin's Liberal leadership campaign ($178,000).

Timothy R. Haig President and CEO, BIOX Corporation Canadian Renewable Fuels Assoc
He was a principal in CMA Associates which promoted, developed and financed several major wind farms across Europe.

Christopher Hilkene President Clean Water Foundation Toronto, Ontario
Christopher Hilkene is the President of the Clean Water Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to engaging individuals in actions that preserve, protect and improve our water.

Mark Jaccard Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management Simon Fraser
Dr. Jaccard has served on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development.

Stephen Kakfwi Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Stephen Kakfwi (Liberal), from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories was elected as Premier of the 14th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories on January 17, 2000.

Wishart Robson - Climate Change Advisor Nexen Inc. Calgary, Alberta
Wishart Robson is Climate Change Advisor to the CEO and President of Nexen Inc. where he is responsible for providing strategic analysis and advice to the Board and Senior Executives and otherwise preparing the company for a future carbon economy.

Robert Slater Senior Fellow, International Institute for Sustainable Development Ottawa
Dr. Robert Slater is currently the President of Coleman, Bright and Associates, a multi-national consulting firm specializing in Sustainable Development issues. He is also a Senior Fellow with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and an adjunct Professor in Environmental Policy at Carleton University.

Looks like the Prime Minister doesn't only have to deal with an opposition Senate, an opposition Supreme Court and an opposition bureaucracy, but also an opposition Environmental Round Table.

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