Thursday, September 13, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Sept 13

Paul "The Shill" Hunter sitting in for Newman again. Not in the foyer, looks like he's somewhere in the bowels (which is fitting) of CBC on Front St.
Chuck Strahl gets all A's in defending Canada's no vote on useless UN Aboriginal Declaration. Paul Hunter a younger, milder but no more interesting, and less savvy gab baffler than Newman, said, "but it has no legal power, why not just sign it to get in the spirit?"
My flabber was ghasted...
Was he serious? We should sign an international declaration just to get in the spirit? Like supporting a "UN be nice to your neighbour day"? Or, "The Kyoto Accord" (about which more evidence was released today that proved the Grits knew the targets would never be met).
Vote for something that can do no good just to be in the spirit of the declaration? Is he real or just been tortured by socialists into a state of stupidity.
Hunter to the new Minister, "Will you accept it or ignore it?"
PAUL, give your head a shake, Dude - there is nothing to accept or ignore. We are a sovereign country - the UN can tell us to stand on our heads and pull down our pants and we don't have to do it. But you can stand on your head and pull down YOUR pants if you want. Moron. Take a grade 10 civics class.
So now Hunter talks to Phil Fontaine who's a pretty good but mostly befuddled fella who calls it a huge victory for indigenous people and human rights world wide.
What indigenous people? What Human rights? What victory? The only remaining indigenous people in the world that weren't massacred or don't run their own country are in Canada, USA, Kiwiland and Oz who all, of course, voted against the declaration. And these four are the most outstanding providers of human rights in the world, including to aboriginal peoples.
I am a descendant of Scots who were booted off their land not far from Edinburgh - can I give my land back to the natives and claim ownership of a crofters hut in Perthshire?
Phil says it's a slap in the face and that we're telling indigenous people they don't have the same rights as other people. What utter absolute and total horse manure. And then Phil admits the declaration means nothing.

Mayrand directed unanimously by the multi-party House Affairs Committee to change his ruling relative to veils in casting a vote. He will refuse. He is being insubordinate and will get fired. Muslim Womens group rep supports Parliament over Mayrand. He really wants to retire. What planet does he live in. Imagine you go to work, your boss tells you to do something. You say that that wasn't in your agreement. You're a unionist. You grieve. You get a promotion and a raise or an offer for a five year severance payout. Maybe Mayrand's a shop steward.

Hunter on Newfie election - the desperate voting for the narcissist.

In honour of TIFF: remember; politics is Hollywood for the Homely.

MPR - wasn't that a water cooler scam from a decade ago, or a computer procurement scandal in Toronto? "More Members of Parliament"? Just what we need. Can't believe Rick Anderson is in front of this - he must need the work or want a challenge. According to him, "most democracies have taken this on" (but not USA, not UK, not France). BC already turned it down. Somehow, does he think that we have ended up living in such an awful province because we haven't elected any Greens? And Rhinos (he might have a point there). Why didn't anyone from the other side get equal time - this is an election and this may contravene the act - anyone know whether this applies for referenda?

I've tuned into Politics every nite this week to monitor and done an EBLR only once - even started one other time and until tonite, there just wasn't content to support a post.

This was a great show. It was funny to watch Paul Hunter try to speak without a teleprompter (he's, ohhh, ten years away from being to carry something like this). But, Chuck Strahl was great, I got to rant on a pile of sheer UN stupidity, make fun of unions and a bureaucrat, criticize Native treatment in Canada, beat the crap outta MPP, throw a dig at Kyoto and tease the Newfies (I really love you guys but love your sensitivity more).
It doesn't get much better than that.

So this was a 6/10 nite. Only beat once in EBLR history!

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