Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lemon: September 2007 Golden Lemon Award Winner

I am proud (and humbled) to present the September 2007 Golden Lemon Award to the Canadian Coalition for Democracies Forum. Thanks to Alastair and Naresh and others
, a new forum for serious and articulate exchanges of information and opinion was created.
I have resisted making this award to the CC. One reason is that the CCD is not new to me - I began my ranting there over three years ago - more than a year before CBL was started. The other is that the website is not really a blog, but a communications arm of an organization. But after due consideration, including that the CCD has advanced the progress of that which is among our most important Western values, I have decided to make the CCD Forum our Golden Lemon Award for this month.
I encourage all CBL readers to visit CCD often.

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