Thursday, September 27, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Part One - Newman - Sep 27

Did Newman Redux tonight at 1930 - no biased media, but also almost nothing to piss and moan about.

The Embarrassment of Riches - The SURPLUS: why don't I see any of these riches?
Flaherty spins the story of the surplus. CTF says shot credibility. Tale sounds reasonable. I remember PJ O'Rourke's line about the only difference between the Democrats and Republicans is that the Dems wanna take all our money in taxes and the Repubs wanna take just a teeny weeny bit less.

And the NDP wanna spend wayyy more than the Democrats would in the US. Jack wants to take all the surplus and give it to strangers. Can you believe that?? Mulcair, the former QC Grit, is dissed by Newman as he won not Jack. Jack couldn't win a coin flip in QC. Mulcair says Jack is great and that he thinks he's an idiot and Jack is a Quebecer (though he hasn't lived there for 30 years). Mulcair forgets that Jack's Dad was in Mulroney's cabinet so really, Jack's an NDPer just because his Dad didn't give him the keys to the car when he was 16 and he's still pissed off at him.

Mulcair ain't much of a math guy - says at 20% you start winning seats... Where? In a world without pink skies 20% across the board gets ya no seats unless there's six parties.

Williamson of Taxpayers Federation. $14.2 Billion is a whole lotta money. It is a whole lotta money. Billion here, billion there and pretty soon you're talking real money (JD Rockefeller).

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