Friday, September 14, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman - Sep 14


Rookie Hunter in for the pale grey man again.

Newfies!!! Newfie Politicians spending public money on booze, cigarettes, perfume and lottery tickets!!!
Deez bies in Trawna don't know cad tongues from cadillacs for Gad's sake. Da only way ya get a vote on da rack is to drop off a mickey. Now dat we got four parties, bie, we're cleanin' up on da booze. And da perfume!! Well, ya know da wimen vote here too...

Al Bonner, who I first met thirty years ago but haven't seen for six (and he had hair then) did a piece on Election YouTubes, (one of which has the smell of Kinsella's promise to hook Tory up to Harris all over it). Al seemed like an old fogie - and he's not - talking about these new fangled thingamabobs. No way though that any of them get 18,000 viewers. Not in Ontario.

The Press Gallery - Shiver Me Timbers - Delacourt dares to state that Dion bombed last night with Mansbridge and that the knives are out of the sheathes to be used if the Outremont by-election is lost. Even advised that a Grit blog filed a nasty post.

Greg Weston is shocked and appalled with veil-gate-debate in House Affairs Committee - Delacourt similarly distressed - she points out Stephen Harper's hates Elections Canada and that the Tories think voters are stupid or racist or both.

Congrats to Newman for his getting an Honourary Degree from Winnipeg. As tough as we are on him - he deserves it - he knows his stuff, doesn't put up with spin or BS, and has a barbed tongue when necessary. If only all those political commentators in Canada could be up to his standard, poli-TV would be more fun. Way ya go, Newman!

Decent show - liked the showcasing they did on YouTube Videos. Will they influence the election this year - I think not - but the trend is up. 4/10 for a Friday nite.

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