Thursday, September 27, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Part Deux - Duffy - Sep 27

Fluffy Duffy
Same story from Flaherty as we got with Newman. Flaherty wants to pay down taxes for future generations which I think is a stupid idea, cause future generations will be making an order or two of magnitude more than we do and that giant debt will look like what I spend on broccoli.
I say give it all back. To me. And let me dole it out to those I feel worthy. Better me than Jack Layton.
George "no Turbans in the RCMP" Baker on US Border Control along with Mild Terry Stratton. George finds a way of spinning it pro Senate - says he and they (the US Senate WHICH IS ELECTED) agree. I say build the fence. Around Newfoundland and make George stay there. Baker is such a loud mouthed schnook that even Foghorn has never seen worse.
Hugh Stansfield, BC top Judge, on to beat up Stock Day. Says courts are perfect and Day believes that Flintstones is a documentary. Says US has much better record on recidivism. Wants more treatment facilities. Good for him - he says problems are breakdown in families and in community. Maybe HE should be Chief Justice and not Dogooder Bev MacLachlin.
Jamie Carroll mess - Steffi's biggest support (one of three) - will he get the boot? MHF, Bernie Lord and Joy McPhail. Every little Steffi act is getting hammered - by the Grits. Bernie says a leadership problem. Joy says Grits are imploding. Finlay, who's dressed like she's cleaning floors to raise money for her campaign, admits problems, Martha - no makeup? When did you last wash your hair? Bernie smacks (figuratively) Martha around the tube. Joy says Jack announced brilliant shadow cabinet. Only mentioned the former Liberal Mulcair who hasn't even sat in the house yet. Filled with women, gays, blacks, chinese, poor, disenfranchised, lesbian, natives, poor (did I say poor). Perfect.
Fife says Grits don't do well in opposition. Laghi says youthful indescretion - says Jamie needs his head on a pike. MH Finlay is a Carroll apologist - sent out emails to the media. That's deep and rich. Makes her look real bad. Fife uses "death" figure of speech as well. He's a kid and a loose cannon. CHERNIAK - your dream job is opening up. Laghi says Grits falling way behind Tories on visible minorities - and Duff even apologizes for him and says he really was pleading for more multi-cultural involvement. Bullshit - Caroll made a smart ass comment in front of people far more important than he is. There are old political advisors and smart-ass political advisors but no old, smart ass political advisors.

Don't know if I'll do the double header again. Too painful to not be able to click to the other show.

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