Friday, September 14, 2007

Lemon: Anyone Remember the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Lock Down
The dogs were not on school property but within viewing distance. “They were noticeable from the school yard,” said Deighan.
There are about 11000 news posts on the web that come up from a "school lockdown" google search and honestly I'd be the first (okay the millionth) person to criticize a school that suffered a tragedy that didn't have adequate security procedures in place.
But as an observer of humanity for almost half a century I sense a problem when a school is locked down because dogs which might or might not be dangerous are sighted a few blocks away.
At one point will (a) lockdowns be put in place because there's a loud noise and (b) students stop paying attention because lockdowns become so commonplace.
Yes preparedness is good, but over preparedness to the point of ennui is bad.

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