Monday, September 24, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman Duff Sep 24 07

Duffy's BACK!!!
Just when sycophants thought it was safe to come out of the woods.
Two Shows. Two concurrent hours. Two Old Farts. Twice as much horsecrap to wade through and edit into 500 words. Yippeeeeee....

PMSH at UN on GHGs. New Intl framework on cleaner and low carbon technologies. Bob Fife comments - Duff says a busy agenda. Fife says that Condie Rice and PMSH must have same speech writer. Fife seems skeptical about new technologies. He specializes in hair colour technologies, why is he so hesitant to accept there might be new environmental technologies?

Duff calls on a fellow Laurier buddy (Duff got an honourary degree from another buddy Bob Rae from Laurier this summer). "We've been putting the emissions into the air since the Industrial Revolution," he says. This guy is a former ambassador and professor at LU? Dahling, we only had trees during the Industrial Revolution. Blames Bush - but it was BILL CLINTON AND AL GORE WHO REFUSED TO RATIFY THE KYOTO ACCORD!!!

Duceppe beating chest on his 5 Demands or he'll take his hairnet and go home.

Newman - Henry Champ's review of PMSH at the UN - met UN SecGen, Dutch Leader, Mahmoud Abbas, chatted about Darfur - Henry says a big success and evidence of Canada's new importance. Canada now seen as an influential voice.

Election Speculation by Ralphie the Beaver (have decided he looks more like a beaver than a hedgehog). Ralph thinks the Tories will cave in to Grit demands."Would Grits want election - would it be propitious," from Newman. Ralphie says by-elections no big deals. Liberals as likely to win as the Tories he says. Believes Canada can meet Kyoto terms and also expand our manufacturing base and says it's consistent with Canadian views. It's consistent with a delusion.

Says if government falls, it will be Harper's fault.

Maxie says that things well received at UN - we heroes in Afstan. Says we will have a debate and vote in Parliament and then advise NATO..

Travers - wouldn't bet against an election - says Grits maneuvering to make it look like Tories fault. Lot of baloney in the Dion and Duceppe demands. Says Liberals are not prepared for election and will lose. Dion is dead if he forces an election and dead if he doesn't and will get pecked apart by his own 'supporters'.

Upside for Harper is better than the upside for Dion - can play to leadership advantage. Speculates that might want to go so that Toronto by-elections are not held. Grits damaged almost everywhere. Time to go? Maybe.

Is Duceppe talking through his hairnet? Leave Afstan by 2009, Implement Kyoto, Get out of Prov programs, continue supply management and buy him a villa on the Cote d'Azure. Jay Hill - lotta rattling of penknives - Canadians don't want an election. Karen Redman says they're ready to go any time... Sure... Has anyone forgotten that (I think) 23 members of the Grit caucus resigned because they saw the blood leaking under the door?

Ezra Levant on Alberta Energy politics - Financial meltdown - oilcos lost $12 Billion on one day - Weird Ed Stelmach seems to hate oil fields and wants to tax them into submission... Wow... Is this Alberta? Is this guy a Tory? "Who elected the New Democrat?"

Redman - full implementation of Kyoto or will vote against Throne Speech. Hill says support goals of Kyoto but Grits are hypocrites - they would devastate the economy. Says Grits can abstain on Throne Speech and not bring down government.

Jean Lapierre tells tale that Pauline Marois has a $7 million gated mansion on Ile Bizard - says her shack in Charleboix is her summer residence. She caught - got a lotta splainin to do. Land owned by govt of Quebec that was expropriated from farmers.
From her Wiki: According to a Montreal Gazette newspaper article, there were questionable actions ... which led to protected agricultural land being rezoned for residential construction, and to parcels of government land being appropriated by the couple for their own private use.
This will have legs in QC politics. Dead traitor walking.
Lapierre says that under no circumstances will the BQ support the throne speech. Called fifty top Grits across Canada:
Do you think Stephane Dion will improve? NO.
Would you vote against a popular budget? NO.
Do you want to give more time allow PMSH to clean up Afstan situation. NO.
Grits smiling on the outside but crying on the inside.

Kady on poli blogs - Byelections / Elections top topics. She looks like Peter Pan... Shotgun Blog - excited about an election. Political Staples - sees Grits staying home sick for vote. Lotta chatter on Tom Flanagan - says blogs have changed politics - says he was very involved in building Blogging Tories - appointed people to get on the blogosphere and to work with bloggers.


Last I heard Doug Finlay was 100% against anything to do electronic. Doesn't have a cell phone and takes a buggy into work. Uses a telex - faxes are too hard to figure out and email is for kids.

Newman - are political parties manipulating blogs? Would be big trouble for any party who did this.

Good having them both back - live blogging only Newman meant lots of time to start dinner, eat, do spell and grammar checks but was boring. A fast-paced 60 minutes sparkled by Lapierre's story on Pauline Marois and the Grit pending happy tragedy. Henry Champ's positive words on PMSH in NYC was also surprising. A solid 6/10.

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