Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lemon: The Ultimate in Socialist Propaganda

The Star Today

Ever notice how PETA and other animal "rights" activists use cute polar bear cubs (not their parents dining on cute baby seals) in their ads? Or bunnies, puppies or kittens? Or baby seals killed by hunters. How they never refer to how rattlesnakes or spiders are seriously at risk because of lost habitat?

Send money. Please. To Us. Now. Save the species, planet, poor...

Children in poor families are puppy / baby seal equivalents for "poverty" activists.

This is the third time I've unleashed this image: "Child poverty suggests
hordes of three year old rag-a-muffins, in dirty little bunny-eared snowsuits, prowling through alleys and plunging into dumpsters for beer bottles."

But of course, this isn't true. The children aren't poor, their families are. The child poverty push is propaganda.

Using the image of the rag-a-muffin kids makes us feel guilty and hopefully give more money. But the activists really don't want the poor to become unpoor, because then they'd be out of business. (Although I think many quadruple dip between poverty, animals, peace and the environment.)

They want us to give our money to them and their organizations and let them decide how to spend it.
They care nothing about poverty, but a lot about getting our money in their pockets.

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