Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lemon: "One of the Most Serious Problems to Ever Confront Humanity"

According to CBC "Everything's Cool" is "A look at both sides of the global warming debate". It starts with a journalist quoting the discredited statistic that 6/10 of the hottest years in history occurred in the last twenty years. This is a lie.
They open with a cluster of tattooed and tooth-lacking red necks and in-breds to represent the global warming is a hoax theorists.
Then, early on, the program refers to the 1988 statements that the Greenhouse Effect was gonna fry us all. This only a couple of years after scientists convinced us that we were facing a new ice age.
A highlight was the complaint by ski bums that global warming was removing the snow from the ski hills. And skiers are gonna die. They're a great source of knowledge on climate issues. But, really, better sources of knowledge on what goes better with Canadian Whiskey, Seven Up or Ginger Ale.

The producers are propagandists. Global Warming Whores who make their living by trying to scare the bejeezus out of us.

The CBC airs a program that spouts the propaganda that we are all gonna die and promotes it as a look at both sides of the global warming debate.

Worthy of Michael Moore. Or the CBC.

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